TENS Therapy For Lower Back Pain

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TENS Therapy For Lower Back Pain

TENS therapy is a widely-used form of pain relief. This procedure uses electrodes that deliver small electrical shocks directly into your muscles and nerves to relieve back pain. Since it’s non-invasive and non-narcotic, you can do this at home without fear of side effects or adverse reactions.

TENS devices come in several forms, such as battery-operated units that can be worn on the body and hand held devices that can be strapped to a belt or attached to your pants. You have control over the intensity and frequency of treatment with various settings.

To use a TENS device for lower back pain, place two or four pads on the affected area of your back. Most TENS devices come with preset modes that should work for most users; however, it’s important to experiment with settings to find what combination provides optimal relief. You might want to switch up where the pads are placed as well, which could help reduce pain caused by repeated stress in that same spot.

Prior to going to bed, make sure the unit is turned off so the electrodes do not lose their stick and zap you. Furthermore, avoid using a TENS device near liquids as this can clog its electrodes and make them less effective.

Depending on the type of TENS device you own, you can customize its frequency, pulse rate and duration. High-frequency units cycle between 80 to 120 pulses per second while low-frequency models pulse one to 20 times per second.

When using a TENS device for the first time, you may experience some tingling or buzzing as electricity passes through your skin. This sensation is normal and many users become accustomed to it over time; however, if it persists or becomes too strong for comfort, cease using the device and contact either your doctor or physical therapist for assistance.

If you develop a rash or burn under the electrodes, or the pain is too great to bear, discontinue treatment and contact a medical professional for advice on treating the area. Your physiotherapist or doctor can then give advice on how best to address any issues that may have arisen during TENS therapy.

TENS devices for lower back pain can be purchased at most drugstores, and it’s wise to read their instructions prior to use. The instruction manual will provide guidance on different settings available and where the electrodes should go.

When applying electrodes to your neck, they should be placed two to four inches above the lowest point and slope into your shoulders. You have the option of positioning them either side of your neck; however, it is recommended that you alternate their positions each session for optimal effectiveness.

TENS therapy can be an effective treatment for many conditions, and is commonly used to reduce pain after surgery or as an alternative to prescription drugs. It may also be employed in order to address other chronic aches and pains such as arthritis.

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