TENS Therapy For Migraines

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TENS Therapy For Migraines

TENS therapy for migraines is a non-invasive treatment option to alleviate headaches. It utilizes a portable device to deliver low voltage electrical pulses that are mild and painless, which can be combined with traditional medications to provide fast relief from headaches and migraines symptoms.

Since 2014, this treatment has been available and proven to help reduce migraine severity. However, it should be noted that evidence for its effectiveness is limited and cannot be considered a cure for migraines.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, commonly referred to as TENS, is a treatment for migraines that uses electrodes placed on the forehead to stimulate the upper branches of the trigeminal nerve. It has been clinically approved and proven safe in both the US and Europe.

TENS devices are widely available at pharmacies and typically come with various settings so you can control the intensity yourself. It’s recommended to start at the lowest setting possible and gradually increase it until you find your optimal pain relief setting.

According to the International Headache Society, TENS devices are an effective treatment for acute and chronic migraines. Furthermore, they have long been recognized as a useful tool in preventing attacks by applying pressure directly onto the head before they occur.

Though some may be wary of using electrical pulses on the body, TENS units are safe when administered correctly. Most TENS units come with multiple settings so you can choose how best to treat your headache without any adverse reactions.

TENS therapy is not only painless, but also very convenient. You can do it from home, the office or on the go as most TENS machines are small and lightweight enough for portability.

Another great advantage of TENS is that it’s a drug-free solution for pain that can be used by individuals of all ages and with or without medical conditions. Even children can safely benefit from its effects!

Recent research found that people with frequent migraines who used a TENS device experienced reduced pain and an improved quality of life. Furthermore, the treatment was more successful than a placebo when used before experiencing a migraine attack.

Researchers concluded that the results from this study are encouraging and could guide future experiments. This new technology can be employed to treat both acute and chronic migraines, though it should ideally be utilized before an attack begins.

GammaCore is an FDA-approved device that should be worn on the sides of your neck for 20 minutes each day to reduce migraine frequency. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in helping those suffering from chronic headaches, and it’s safe for both adults and children.

Breaking from treatment is essential to allow your skin to rest and prevent overstimulation. A 20-minute break should usually suffice, however if treating an acute headache or chronic migraine, a longer break may be necessary.

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