The Basics of Online EMDR

The Basics of Online EMDR

Online EMDR therapy can be an effective solution for treating trauma and various mental health conditions. It allows clients to access therapy from a secure environment, eliminating many of the drawbacks of in-person sessions.

EMDR can be an incredibly beneficial treatment for clients suffering from mental health conditions and symptoms like anxiety, depression and PTSD. It has been scientifically proven to be successful in treating both individuals and couples alike.

In-person EMDR therapy is often employed to help patients cope with memories, emotions and beliefs that have been stirred up by trauma or stressful event. EMDR therapists utilize a series of techniques and procedures to process past triggers and painful experiences so they no longer impact a patient’s life or relationships.

The initial step to successful online EMDR is finding an EMDR provider who uses appropriate technology for your needs. This includes having a secure internet connection and audio/visual equipment so therapist and client can interact with one another.

Once you have identified a reliable provider, the next step is to book an initial session. At this appointment, you and your EMDR therapist will discuss your goals for treatment and determine if online EMDR therapy is suitable for you.

Your therapist will utilize a range of techniques to process your issues in an understanding and non-judgmental environment. They can assist in recognizing specific traumatic events and triggers that you are dealing with, as well as teaching you coping strategies that will enable you to cope emotionally and cognitively with the trauma.

EMDR sessions typically last an hour or longer. Some therapists offer several sessions at once to offer a long-term solution to your issue.

A trustworthy therapist should have an online EMDR therapy practice and possess all necessary licensing and training to conduct these sessions. They should be able to answer your questions and offer you a complimentary consultation before beginning an online EMDR session.

If there’s an issue with your internet connection, your therapist should be able to guide you through what needs to be done to resolve the situation and continue the session. They may ask for a break, move to another location or even call them directly to discuss what’s going on and what options exist.

Once the therapist has established the situation and your EMDR online therapy is underway, they must ensure you feel at ease. This could include creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, offering personal items to bring like pillows or blankets, making sure there’s enough light in the room, etc.

Prior to beginning an online EMDR session, make sure the therapist can communicate with you via video chat or phone call.

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