The Best Strain For Insomnia

The Best Strain For Insomnia

For those suffering from insomnia or who have a medically diagnosed sleep condition, cannabis can provide an effective and natural solution. But finding the perfect strain may prove challenging.

For insomnia, opt for a high-THC/low CBD sativa or indica strain. These are known to have sedative effects which help promote sleep.

For those who prefer CBD over THC or a slightly balanced ratio of both, strains with higher CBD concentrations than THC may be beneficial for those seeking a mellower experience.

Skywalker, an indica-dominant hybrid, is ideal for those suffering from pain, nausea or depression that prevent them from sleeping at night. Its tropical aroma and smooth, calming effects will help make you feel better as you prepare to retire for the night.

Indicas are renowned for their sedating and muscle-relaxing effects that promote quality sleep. This particular strain contains myrcene, pinene and beta-caryophyllene to further encourage deep and restful slumber.

God’s Gift is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created from Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush genetics. With a THC content between 18-25 percent, this relaxing hybrid offers an uplifting buzz that may help you get some rest.

This indica-dominant strain is ideal for those who are fearful of THC. It has a tart lemon and pine flavor, as well as being known for its calming effects that can promote restful nights’ sleep.

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