The Huntsman Mental Health Institute

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The Huntsman Mental Health Institute

In 2019, The Huntsman Mental Health Institute was generously funded by a generous gift from the Huntsman family. Situated within the world-renowned University of Utah medical campus, it offers psychiatric services and research.

The mission of HMHI is to give hope for those suffering from mental health conditions through education, treatment and research. Their facility serves as a safe haven where patients can heal and recover while receiving compassionate care from experts.

At HMHI, three clinics operate: The Neurobehavior HOME Program (Neurobehavior), Autism Clinic and Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic. All are housed within this building designed by FFKR to be a healing space that celebrates nature while upholding HMHI’s mission.

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute offers an innovative treatment for individuals suffering from severe depression who are not responding to mainstream oral medications. This specialized procedure involves administering an intravenous infusion of ketamine that can help alleviate symptoms. Available to those who are resistant to standard pharmacological treatments, this experience has proven life-altering for many.

Impresiv Healthcare is currently hiring mental health technicians for the Huntsman Mental Health Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is an exciting chance for those wishing to advance their career in this rapidly expanding field and assist individuals in overcoming mental illness.

This position requires a license and is ideal for recent graduates or students looking to work at an esteemed institution. The position is available immediately and pays $703 per 40 hours worked.

Mental Health Technicians are accountable for overseeing the daily operational needs of psychiatric hospitals and clinics, ensuring patients’ needs are met and safety maintained. This role involves high volume work with excellent interpersonal skills as well as professionalism in all interactions.

In addition to the Huntsman Mental Health Institute, this building houses The Neurobehavior HOME Program (Neurobehavior), a coordinated care project between medical and behavioral health funding streams for people with developmental disabilities. Operated in partnership with the University of Utah, Neurobehavior serves over 900 children, youth, and adults suffering from various neurological disorders.

On the UNI campus are the Intermountain Burn Unit, University Orthopaedic Center, University of Utah Hospital and Primary Children’s Medical Center. Established in 1885, this institution has a long-standing tradition of teaching and treating patients with various medical and surgical issues.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, there is an urgent need for qualified psychiatrists across America. This shortage is an issue that affects all fields, but especially so in mental health care.

In the United States, there is a shortage of qualified psychiatric professionals in fields such as general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and forensics. This shortage could result in prolonged wait times for those seeking treatment.

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