The Institute For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy White Plains NY

The Institute For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy White Plains NY

The Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy White Plains NY is a comprehensive behavioral health center that offers treatment to individuals, couples and families. Their therapists are trained in using evidence-based approaches in their practice and strive to provide compassionate, safe care for each person. With both in-person and online sessions available, no matter where you live in White Plains, New York there’s always an accessible therapist nearby who can assist.

Our CBT therapists specialize in helping people address psychological and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder and more. Their approach is encouraging, supportive, interactive and collaborative between you and the therapist, using techniques like role-play, cognitive restructuring, disputing negative thinking, social interaction experiments, record keeping and thought monitoring – just to name a few.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a brief, effective, and well-tested therapy for treating mental health conditions. It works by addressing automatic thoughts that are often connected to beliefs about yourself and how you feel.

By replacing negative, inaccurate thoughts with more realistic ones, a therapist can assist you in achieving long-term healing. This technique may improve self-esteem and confidence levels, reduce stress levels and enhance one’s capacity to cope with life’s difficulties.

The institute is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for their clients, making them an ideal choice for those seeking therapy in White Plains, NY. Furthermore, they have a sliding fee scale available for those in need.

They have a team of psychologists with extensive expertise in this area, as well as specializations such as psychotherapy for addiction, autism, trauma and more. Furthermore, they offer caregiver support – an essential aspect when caring for someone living with mental illness.

Their therapists are fully licensed and available for appointments during traditional business hours as well as after-hours and online sessions. Furthermore, they offer a complimentary initial call with prospective patients to determine if there is an ideal match between both of them.

Before booking an appointment with a mental health professional in White Plains, New York, it’s essential to do your research. Most professionals require an introductory phone call before scheduling a full session so that you can confirm they possess the required skill set and specialized training for your requirements.

To narrow down your search, consider filters like insurance, therapy budget specialty and provider identity. Then, explore potential mental health counselors’ profiles and watch introductory videos to get an idea of their personality. Once you’ve identified several professionals in White Plains, New York who seem like a great fit, book a free call with them to arrange your first appointment.

The Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a behavioral health organization that has been serving the community since 2006. They offer counseling services to adults, teens and children alike with an aim of providing cutting edge evidence-based treatments and education that empower mental health professionals.

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