The International Sound Therapy Association

The International Sound Therapy Association

The international sound therapy association strives to promote therapeutic sound through community and educational outreach, workshops, concerts and conferences. As a non-profit organisation it welcomes researchers, developers and those who utilize therapeutic sound for health and well-being.

SHA RESOURCES is an extensive repository of articles, interviews, podcasts and teachings from Sound Healing Pioneers. Available online and updated regularly, SHA RESOURCES has something for everyone so be sure to visit often!

Nestor and Michele have a profound understanding of sound healing and its many applications for personal and planetary transformation. To this end, they provide renowned Sound Healer Training courses so that every participant can walk away with an invaluable toolbox of tools to use in both their personal lives and collective consciousness.

Their extensive expertise and experience in ancient shamanic practices to modern scientific approaches allows them to guarantee that everyone taking part in their courses will gain useful and powerful tools for personal transformation as well as planetary healing ceremonies or processes. These may include sound healing therapy sessions, group ‘Sound Journeys’ and planetary healing ceremonies or processes.

The BAST(r) method utilizes carefully considered therapeutic sound techniques which have been shown to affect physiology, neurology and psychology with reflective inquiry (kind of questioning). It has become a widely successful healing modality that can be delivered in various environments like hospitals, hospices, community health centres and offices; suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

It is ideal for those seeking a holistic, natural and drug-free approach to stress reduction and relaxation. Furthermore, it has proven successful in treating those with a history of stress-related illness like anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sound is an invaluable meditation aid and can be utilized to create a deep sense of calm, balance and upliftment during individual or group sessions. Your sound therapist will ask you to set an intention for the session: whether it be general peace and serenity; reduced stress levels; letting go of something no longer serving you; or simply an overall sense of wellbeing.

These sounds are created by instruments such as singing bowls, chimes, bells and gongs, which have been used for centuries as both healing and acoustic stimuli. They provide us with an effective tool to help us relax.

They can also help stimulate the brain, stimulating learning and memory processes. They often work in combination with other healing modalities like energy work or meditation for maximum effect.

This is an exciting, natural way to reduce stress and promote wellness at a reasonable cost. It could be an invaluable addition to any self-care routine.

Studies have demonstrated that sound healing improves both spiritual and emotional well-being. One such study, conducted on adults in their mid-50s, revealed that both tension and depression improved following sound healing – potentially explaining why sound healing has become popular as a treatment for age-related stress which has been linked to an increased risk of physical and mental health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia.

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