The Panic Attack in World of Warcraft

The Panic Attack in World of Warcraft

The Panic Attack is a community-created primary weapon for Engineers and secondary weapon for Soldiers, Pyros, and Heavy.

Panic Attack is a pump action shotgun with an attached drum magazine and external firing hammer, similar to the default model but faster. Compared to that, the Panic Attack deploys 50% faster, fires 50% more pellets per shot, and deals 20% less damage when all pellets hit point blank (108 instead of 90).

This weapon fires 15 pellets per shell in a five-by-three grid pattern, regardless of bullet spread setting. As shots are fired and reloaded, the shot pattern widens, making confrontations beyond close range more challenging and making it less suitable as a long-range weapon.

While this animation plays out, a RED Engineer near the red spawn holds his Panic Attack at the ready. The weapon’s receiver and forend clip into his offhand, but its ejection port remains static during this animation – potentially suggesting that its bolt has been simplified into one piece instead of its full hull.

The magazine tube on a Model 1897 shotgun is much shorter than on its counterpart, yet there appears to be an attached drum magazine which is unusual for this type of weapon. This could simply be an aesthetic choice or it could provide users with a wider grip pattern than what would be possible using standard clipping methods.

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