The Pokemon Healing Sound

The Pokemon Healing Sound

When a Pokemon is healed by its moves, you’ll hear this sound effect from the Pokemon games. It makes for great funny memes and editing YouTube videos as well.

The Pokemon series has always featured an array of unique monsters, each one reflecting some sort of theme. From real-life animals and mythological beasts to abstract concepts like technology and household items, each generation has brought its own collection of bizarre yet wonderful creatures into the world of Pokemon.

Some of these themes have become so integral to the series that they’ve even inspired new Pokemon types. This generation’s Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have introduced an array of creatures inspired by music.

Quaxly, Rillaboom and Audino are three such services. Some operate solely through sound production while others employ their musical talents to attack their rivals.

Jigglypuff, for instance, is renowned for its love of singing and lullabies. Its song, “Rejuvenescencia,” can restore 16 health points per second to allies and 6 to itself.

Primarina is a musical Pokemon that uses its voice as a weapon against enemies. Its signature Z-Move, Sparkling Aria, involves it throwing its head back and singing a tune that creates a bubble overhead that bursts, sending smaller ones hurtling toward its target.

Chimecho is a nocturnal Pokemon that looks like a wind chime but can use sound waves to heal itself. It may also frighten its opponents by twanging its guitar and calling out its name, but only when their HP drops low enough for Chimecho to activate its switch-out ability.

Liquid Voice’s hidden ability transforms all of its Sound-based moves into Water-type attacks, further emphasizing its dependence on music both during and outside of battle.

This Pokemon is renowned for bringing a rock band to town and its Gigantamax form wields an enormous guitar that can attack opponents with music.

The Pokemon has a Throat Chop move that strikes at the opponent’s throat, inflicting pain and preventing it from using any Sound-based moves for two turns.

Toxtricity is a Grass-type starter that takes its musical theme to new heights. Its Gigantamax form features an enormous drum on its back which it pulls out during battle to cause massive damage to enemies.

It has been a while since Pokemon fans saw musical-themed Pokemon, but Generation IX recently introduced some of them. Many of these Pokemon have proven popular among younger audiences and even made appearances in the anime series; Chimecho being one of fan favorite favorites.

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