The Sound and Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Therapy Machine

The Sound and Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Therapy Machine

Sound machines can help you unwind, get to sleep quickly and stay asleep through masking unwanted environmental noises. They come in both physical and electronic varieties, often designed to mimic certain sounds or create specific types of sounds (like white noise).

The Sound + Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine is a technology-driven device designed to block out background noises, promote better sleep quality and feel refreshed in the morning. Utilizing adaptive sound technology and nonlooping audio, this machine creates an ambient noise masking environment for peaceful slumber.

This stylish teardrop-shaped device includes Adaptive Sound Technology that responds to ambient noise, a headphone jack for privacy, a 4 level timer display (settings of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes), 10 nonlooping sound options and an adjustable sleep timer that automatically lowers the machine’s volume before turning off at chosen setting. Furthermore, there’s a “richness” button which adds extra details like seal, bird or bell noises for extra depth when selecting sleep sound.

Adaptive Sound Technology responds to any external noise that might disrupt your sleep by remixing and increasing the volume of a chosen sleep sound without altering its soothing tone. This unique feature sets this machine apart from other white-noise machines on the market.

Its patented technology detects and neutralizes ambient noise for your peace of mind, offering an array of sound’stories’ that last up to half an hour, each custom composed on-the-spot from a library of high definition sounds so there are no repeating or looping artefacts.

The machine can combine multiple stories into a single “sound profile”, played in sequential order for an immersive listening experience. You have two ‘richness’ levels for each sound story that add more detail by including additional sounds such as bird or seal noises, foghorns and bells.

This machine offers ten professionally recorded’sound stories’ that can be mixed together and played back on the same device with just a press of the ‘compose’ button. These recordings include city, brook, rain, meditation, ocean, meadow and train – each lasting up to half an hour – so that you can customize your nighttime listening experience with just the right soundscape for you.

Sound stories can be further customized with two ‘richness’ levels, offering a diverse selection of audio tracks designed to relax you into sleep.

This high-fidelity sound machine from Adaptive Sound Technologies is perfect for those seeking to block out distracting noises and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Although it’s pricey at around $80, you get many different sound options, convenient features, and the ability to personalize your listening experience for an optimal night’s rest.

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