The Sound for 16 Minutes of Increasing Focus and Then 8 Minutes of Increasing Relaxation.


Guide for the Sound Below:

  • This sound mixes balance attention when you increase focus and then relaxation in a good amount.
  • The relaxation sound is different from the focus sound to help you recognize the difference.
  • If you feel you need to listen to the sound again, you can do the sounds again. There is a sound mixer at the bottom of the page.
  • Use the sound below when you are sitting or lying down in a safe way.
  • Please don’t use it while driving or using anything dangerous. Please don’t use it while using recreational drugs or alcohol.


Personal Sound Mixer

Pick a button below for what you want to increase. It is a scale. It is best to pick the balance of what you need more of. As you get used to it you will learn how much to pick. The left side is slower brain rhythms for relaxing, and the right is faster brain rhythms for focus and activity.  If you do them and feel out of balance, you can do the sounds again to balance yourself.


The words below relate to the checkboxes below for you to pick a mix of the rhythms below.



Click a circle below that matches the amount of the below you want more of. The words represent slower brain rhythms on the left and faster ones on the right.


‘Letting Go’                                Planning

Relaxing         Attention         Focusing


0        0        0        0       0


Having too much of one side of the scale leads to feeling the below. You can listen again to rebalance:

Sluggishness                                   Obsessiveness

Feeling too open                         Feeling too rigid