Tinnitus Sound Therapy – Retraining Therapy for Tinnitus

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Tinnitus Sound Therapy, or Retraining Therapy for Tinnitus can be done with sound rhythms that lower ringing by Tinnitus by over 75% (on average-proven in research). The process uses a specific sound rhythm that matches a brain rhythm that lets the brain calm down reactions in the brain creating the false sound.

The relief is felt and experienced right away, and the results grow with more practice. The effects stay after the listener stops listening to the sound. People memorize the brain rhythm like we memorize a music rhythm in our bodies.

SoundTherapy.com offers this sound with guidance on how to use it, and our process is used in clinics around the world. The process we have developed has been taught to staff from The Mayo Clinic, The University of Minnesota Medical Center, Hazelden, The Department of Health and Human Services- Minnesota, and elsewhere.

You can try the sound or learn more by going to the front page at www.soundtherapy.com.

Thank You, Peter Meilahn, Licensed Professional Counselor

Director of SoundTherapy.com | Teacher to Staff from The Mayo Clinic, Hazelden, The University of Minnesota Medical Center, The State of Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services, and elsewhere.

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