Top Art Therapy Graduate Programs

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Top Art Therapy Graduate Programs

Gaining admission to a top art therapy graduate program requires an understanding of key admissions information and dedication to building an impressive professional portfolio. This should include any relevant work experience as well as extracurricular activities that display the applicant’s artistic and therapeutic skillset.

When selecting an art therapy graduate program, it is essential to assess its curriculum, degree options and student services. A quality program should provide both theoretical coursework and hands-on experiences that will prepare you for a career in art therapy.

A top-tier art therapy graduate program will go through an exhaustive review process to guarantee its resources, faculty and curriculum meet your learning needs and prepare you for board certification. This is especially essential if you wish to pursue a license for future employment opportunities – which may be required after earning your master’s degree.

Best Counseling Degrees has compiled a Top 10 list of art therapy master’s programs, all of which have been reviewed and approved by the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB) to guarantee they provide high-quality education and adhere to industry standards. The listing provides detailed information on each school’s curricular approach, degrees offered, program requirements as well as financial aid packages available.

Seton Hill University’s low-residency art therapy program is the ideal choice for aspiring art therapists who wish to balance their professional and personal lives while earning their degree. The 60-credit master’s in art therapy degree requires both classroom and online coursework, with 700 hours of supervised practicum or internship experiences at its conclusion.

Hofstra University’s Master of Arts in Expressive Art Therapy program is an interdisciplinary hybrid program that offers electives in music and dance therapy, sand tray therapy, visual art and more. The three-year curriculum includes a supervised internship and practicum that equips students with the practical skills needed to provide expressive art therapy services within residential, outpatient or private practice settings.

Pratt Institute’s Art Therapy and Creativity Development program is a holistic, experiential approach to counseling that takes into account human mental health issues such as cultural humility and self-awareness. The course emphasizes creative processes using materials like painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography.

Adler University’s Master of Arts in Counseling with an Art Therapy and Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling concentration or the Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling specialty equips you with the abilities to effectively engage diverse individuals, groups, and families for collaborative goals. This comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum includes didactic lectures as well as individual-to-group supervisions along with a 900 hour internship that provides ample hands-on training.

Albertus Magnus College’s Master of Arts in Counseling and Art Therapy program provides a student-centric, hands-on learning environment with personalized mentoring and exceptional student support services. This program integrates art therapy theory and techniques with cultural humility and empathy to empower students with the capacity to build positive relationships and interpersonal connections with others.

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