Top Music Therapy Graduate Schools

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Top Music Therapy Graduate Schools

When selecting a music therapy master’s degree program, there are several important elements to take into account. Faculty credentials, clinical practice experience and academic resources should all be taken into account when making your selection.

The quality of a music therapy program’s faculty plays an integral role in its success. Many top schools on this list possess strong MT-BC credentials, signifying that their instructors are highly knowledgeable about the field and have extensive experience working with patients and clients.

Core classes in a music therapy program provide students with an essential foundation in music theory and other related subjects. These lessons may cover applied music, drumming, world music cultures and psychology, among other topics.

Coursework also encompasses mastering how to instruct and lead musical experiences with children and others, as well as observing patients and working closely with their families.

Some of the best music therapy graduate schools feature small class sizes so you can receive personalized attention from instructors who know your name. Others have large student bodies, enabling you to connect with classmates, make friends, and build a network of support.

Many top music therapy schools provide research opportunities, which enable you to take on a project of interest. You’ll gain an understanding of the process of conducting music therapy research, including using surveys and other data gathering techniques.

Many of the best music therapy graduate schools also offer master’s or doctoral programs within this discipline. These programs are designed to develop your skills and knowledge in a specific area, prepare you for professional roles such as professor, clinical supervisor or director of a clinic.

Illinois State University offers the only accredited master’s in music therapy in Illinois, giving you a great opportunity to earn your degree and become board certified in this profession. You can take this degree either on campus or online, with the option to complete a six-month internship.

New Paltz, SUNY is an excellent option for those seeking a graduate program in music therapy. This program integrates academic coursework with 1,200 clock hours of clinical training experience that emphasizes the need for clinical, musical and research skills among music therapy practitioners.

Additionally, you will have the chance to attend classes taught by experts from the esteemed Nordoff-Robbins Center – a premier center for music therapy research and training.

Finally, you will have the chance to complete a thesis in music therapy, which is an impressive way to demonstrate both your expertise and research skills.

Many of the nation’s top music therapy graduate schools are situated in densely populated areas, so it’s essential to select the right college for you. Furthermore, make sure the program works with both your schedule and lifestyle.

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