Touch Holistic Therapy

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Touch Holistic Therapy

Touch holistic therapy is an alternative form of energy healing that uses your hands to detect and clear areas of disruption in the body’s energy field. It’s a noninvasive alternative treatment for stress, pain, and other health issues.

Your practitioner will use gentle touch or off-body touch (no contact) to manipulate and balance your energy field during a session. You may experience an intense sense of relaxation and serenity afterward.

Therapeutic touch can have many beneficial effects, including reduced stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, lowered cholesterol levels, improved breathing, and enhanced immune function. Studies have also demonstrated that it reduces feelings of pain and discomfort in cancer patients, heart disease patients, and burn survivors.

Studies have also demonstrated the beneficial effects of touch on quality of life for people facing terminal illness. One study revealed that people who received touch sessions experienced improvements across nine areas, such as social functioning, physical and emotional well-being, and mental health.

In a touch session, your practitioner will lay you down on a table or chair, fully clothed. They’ll create calm through “centering,” then scan your energy field using hand motions to detect sensations and imbalances.

Once identified, your practitioner can begin to release energy blockages by making rhythmic hand motions over them. They may also utilize visualization techniques in order to clear your energy.

They’ll do this for a few minutes before concluding the session. You may feel a little lightheaded or dizzy after leaving, but this will pass quickly.

When considering touch therapy for fever or active inflammation, it’s best to avoid it. Too much energy could lead to irritability, restlessness, anxiety or even nausea if the person has a fever or active inflammation.

To receive touch therapy, the ideal route is to locate a certified provider with either the HTCP (Healing Touch Certified Practitioner) or QTTP (Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner) credential. These practitioners are usually found at hospitals and medical clinics across the country.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, biofield energy therapies work by altering the electromagnetic fields surrounding and penetrating your body. While these energies have been suspected to be responsible for many physical and psychological symptoms, scientists have yet to definitively prove their existence.

Your provider will first ask about any health concerns or current medications, then assess your energy field with a series of hand motions. You’ll lie down fully clothed while they make gentle touch or off-body touches to the energy field surrounding you.

The purpose of your touch therapy session is to clear away any interferences in your energy field that are impeding natural healing processes. Your provider will use their own healing energy (biofield) to detect any disruptions within your field and take necessary measures for clearing them away.

After your session, if you’re feeling dizzy or lightheaded, try to sit up as soon as possible and hydrate yourself with water. Doing this can prevent dehydration which could make you more drowsy and increase the likelihood of passing out.

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