Treatment for Misophonia

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My name is Peter Meilahn, and I developed SoundTherapy.com as a researched treatment for Misophonia and other things. There is research showing that listening to the relaxation sound rhythm on this site that increased relaxed brain rhythms lowers Misophonia and Tinnitus. The process lets the listener memorize the sounds like music.

The processes on this site have been taught to staff at The University of Minnesota Medical Center, The Mayo Clinic and elsewhere. The research for lowering Misophonia says that there can be some relief, but the effects last and increase over time. For Tinnitus there can be as much as a 78% reduction in sound sensitivity. The Misophonia research is new, but shows some effect.

You can learn more about the results of using the easy guidance system on this site, how it helps others things, and sign up to see if the sounds help you by going to the front page at SoundTherapy.com.

Thank You, Peter Meilahn, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Clinical Director, SoundTherapy.com

Teacher to clinic staff from The Mayo Clinic, The University of Minnesota Medical Center, The Department of Health and Human Services- Minnesota, Hazelden, and elsewhere.

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