Treatments For Social Anxiety in NYC

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Treatments For Social Anxiety in NYC

Many people experience social anxiety at some point in their life, but when it becomes a chronic issue that interferes with daily tasks, treatment may be necessary. The good news is that there are numerous effective treatments available for social anxiety disorder – medication and psychotherapy included!

Medication is usually the first type of treatment your doctor will consider when treating social anxiety. Depending on the symptoms, they may prescribe anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants or beta blockers. These drugs work by modulating your brain’s response to stress and can help you form new healthy habits. Furthermore, they reduce tremors and other physical manifestations which make social interactions more challenging.

CBT is an effective treatment option for social anxiety, particularly when combined with medication. This highly researched and collaborative method teaches clients how to break negative thought patterns, alter their perspective of the situation, and boost their capacity for managing anxiety more effectively.

Psychologists in NYC that specialize in social anxiety treatment offer individual and group therapy sessions based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Group therapy is an invaluable opportunity to gain new coping skills and enhance interpersonal communication. If you’re already receiving individual therapy for treatment purposes, group therapy could serve as a helpful addition.

Social anxiety group therapy in NYC can help you create new, healthier social connections while addressing your individual fears and worries. The group setting provides a safe space where you can face your anxieties head-on and share experiences with others facing similar struggles.

Your therapist will assist you in uncovering what’s causing your social anxiety, recognizing and challenging harmful thoughts, and developing strategies for conquering fears and managing stress. Additionally, they’ll introduce mindfulness techniques which teach you to focus on the present moment while acknowledging how thoughts shape how you feel.

Gianna LaLota, licensed psychologist of spiral2grow, specializes in aiding her clients through difficult life transitions. She takes a compassionate and solution-focused approach when working with both adolescents and adults to promote growth and healing.

Her clients come from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds with varying levels of education and income. Through compassion, empathy and respect she helps them reach their goals and overcome any obstacles that stand in their way of living the life they desire.

Jennifer is proficient in several therapeutic approaches and takes an eclectic approach to working with clients. Her focus lies on building therapeutic relationships and inspiring each individual to find their own path towards wellness.

In addition to her work with adolescents and adults, she has extensive expertise treating seniors. She assists clients address a range of issues such as aging, retirement, empty-nest syndrome, caregiver stress, identity exploration and creative problem solving related to work/life transitions.

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