Weekly Group Q+As on Zoom


Members who signed up and have paid are welcome to join weekly group zoom calls to ask questions after they have paid for their membership. You will be able to post questions to Peter Meilahn, a teacher at The University of Minnesota Medical Center and to staff from Mayo Clinic and elsewhere.  Questions will be prioritized that will help the most people. When one struggle is helped with sound therapy other struggles clear up with it , since they overlap.

How to Get to the Group Q+A Calls:

  1. Pay for your plan after the free trial.
  2. You will get an email 1 week after you have paid for the full membership that tells you how to get into a group call. You can search your email for a notice from us if you have not gotten the email.
  3. At this time, the Group Q+A calls are only for members who sign up after 10/19/2023 with the plans that are 6 months or longer.

We Are Glad To Help,

SoundTherapy.com Staff