What are crystal singing pyramids?

He claims that his chronic low back pain was cured when he carried out zymatic experiments in the pyramid. Using a method known as “toning,” they manipulated the vocal sound using breath and voice to reproduce therapeutic sounds. Sound energy is closely linked to human consciousness and the innate spiritual side of the human being. He explains: “Each chamber within the pyramid has a specific harmony, which recreates the harmony of the cavities of the human body.

The technique

of sound healing is no longer considered an alternative healing method, but is increasingly seen as part of the mainstream. But the possibility that the ancient Egyptians are familiar with sound healing only encourages us to look at our ancient wisdom in a new light, to study it diligently, and to reach new milestones in sound healing.

How does sound healing work?

Add to that the fact that the sound healing industry isn’t exactly regulated, and you’ll find plenty of practitioners surrounded by singing bowls and promising all kinds of high standards. Ayahuasca is a brew with powerful hallucinogenic properties that is said to open your mind and heal past traumas. And a recent study on vibroacoustic therapy, which involves sound and vibration acting directly on the body to penetrate you at a cellular level, found that the practice could be an effective treatment for chronic pain and injury healing. From Tibetan singing bowls to shamanic drums to singing and much more, there is a form of sound healing in every culture all over the world and throughout history.

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