What are the 3 pillars of cbt?

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SHUTi allows the participant to receive the same treatment as from a qualified CBT therapist, but from the comfort of their own home. There was no significant difference in total sleep time between the SHUTI group and the control group, but sleep efficiency and sleep quality improved. In a subsequent RCT of 28 cancer survivors with insomnia (), the SHUTI intervention group showed significant improvements in sleep outcomes compared to a control group on the waiting list, including a large effect size in the severity of sleep disorders (d%3D1.8), sleep efficiency, latency when falling asleep, the number of awakenings, healthy sleep quality, and the restored feeling of waking up after the exam. The evidence available to date suggests that SHUTi consistently leads to significant improvements with large effect sizes in the severity of sleep symptoms and in other measures of sleep quality.

What is SHUTi?

In clinical research studies conducted at a major university, it was proven to be highly effective in helping people with sleep disorders. CBT-I for older adults, delivered over the Internet is likely to have significant public health effects, as it provides broad access to a required intervention, increases the convenience of care and reduces treatment costs in an age group where insomnia is common, which is known to aggravate other problems (health, mood, cognition). Search for terms Insomnia is a significant public health issue for older adults with significant medical, psychological, and financial implications. Since 20-30% of older adults (≥ 5 years) meet diagnostic criteria for chronic sleep disorders, finding accessible, effective and cost-effective treatments is critical.

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