What are the best natural remedies for menopause?

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Lack of sleep for any reason, including menopausal insomnia and night sweats, can significantly affect overall health and functioning. When combined, L-theanine and lemon balm make a powerful duo that can promote relaxation and improve sleep quality during menopause. Learn how to deal with sleep-related menopausal symptoms and help make your nights more restful and enjoyable. Sleepless nights are likely to occur during menopause, even if lifestyle changes and hormone replacement therapy or other medications are used to treat symptoms.

The most common menopausal symptoms are hot flashes and night sweats, i.e. hot flashes that occur at night.

What helps naturally with menopausal sleep disorders?

In my practice, I always start with herbs, supplements, and lifestyle approaches and very often they are enough to help women regain their sleep rhythm. Be sure to discuss the potential benefits and potential risks with your doctor before taking phytoestrogen supplements. According to research, this isoflavone can reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and night sweats and also improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Research shows that phytoestrogens can reduce menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats, anxiety and other mood issues, as well as cognitive difficulties such as memory problems and lack of concentration.

It has also been shown to improve sleep, likely due to its stress and anxiety reducing abilities.

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