What can you take to help you sleep while pregnant?

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Between midnight bathroom breaks, out-of-control hormones, and pregnancy issues like constipation and heartburn, you may be spending more time out of your bed than in it. Insomnia and frequent snoring have also been linked to an increased risk of giving birth to a baby that is too big or too small for their age, and sleep problems in late pregnancy have been linked to prolonged labor and a greater need for a C-section. Pregnancy is a magical time in many ways, but your sleep schedule during these nine months may be anything but dreamy. However, because it is considered a dietary supplement in this country, the regulation of melatonin is not monitored as carefully by the Food %26 Drug Administration (FDA) as other drugs, and its effects in pregnancy have not been well studied.

Whether your sleep problems or sleep problems are related to anxiety, crazy pregnancy dreams, frequent trips to the bathroom, or a kick in the ribs by your sweet baby, getting enough sleep is crucial to good health.

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