What chakra is grief?

Yet the need to participate in rituals that have the potential to benefit the mind, body, spirit, and emotions, such as the ancient Tibetan wellness practice of sound bathing, can be transformative and healing for those who participate and those who determine their lives. I looked carefully around the waiting room, which was filled with around 15 strangers, and hoped that I wouldn’t see anyone I know, as I had heard that sound baths could cause you to let go of trapped emotions, which can lead to crying. As instructed, wearing loose, comfortable and warm clothing, I saw the friendly smile of Vanessa Faria, the Toronto-based energy healer and spiritual guide I had met in other courses. In the middle of the circle sat a number of crystal bowls of various sizes, some instruments I had never seen before, and a long-haired, bearded sound healer and “music mystic” named Darren Austin Hall.

At what frequency does grief heal?

I found things online that were recorded at 528 Hz, so I listened to them with headphones to get the full results. This means that grief has a natural healing process that shifts when you allow yourself to grieve and heal. She explained to me that each of her bowls has a different frequency, which results in different results in the body’s response to the sound. If you’re a person whose tears flow often and deeply in grief, you may find that they don’t last quite as long as time goes by.

I took the opportunity to go to Wailea beach to attend a meditation and sound healing session hosted by my friend Carol McNulty Huffman and Julia, who played their crystal bowls and a pandrum.

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