What do sleep therapist do?

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Certain organizations, such as the American Board of Sleep Medicine or the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, may be able to help you find behavioral sleep specialists near you. Polyphasic sleep has prevailed among those who believe they can “hack their sleep for greater productivity by just taking short naps throughout the day. It is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions that may be made worse by sleep loss, such as bipolar disorder and seizures. Sleep hygiene includes improving your daytime habits by exercising regularly, avoiding nicotine and caffeine late in the day, and learning to relax at night.

What are 3 treatments for each sleep disorder?

Insomnia is characterized by the recurrent difficulty, despite motivation and resources, to fall asleep or stay asleep. This category of circadian rhythm sleep disorders is related to a person’s internal clock and the factors that regulate their 24-hour sleep cycle. EDS is defined by a feeling of intense lightheadedness during the day that can force people to sleep at inconvenient times. The disorder can also cause sleep paralysis, which prevents you from moving physically immediately after waking up.

The behavior part of CBT-I helps you develop good sleep habits and avoid behaviors that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

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