What does a sound healer do?

Martinez’s work in the areas of sound meditation and sound therapy has significantly contributed to raising awareness of this area. He has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Prevention, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Well+ Good, Yahoo Health, and MindBodyGreen, among others. He studied shamanism and intuitive healing and received his sound therapy certificate at the Open Center in New York. The neo-boho space of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is all about holistic healing. It is therefore not surprising that in addition to his yoga classes and group hypnotherapy workshops, he also offers sound baths twice a month. But every Wednesday, sound practitioner Stephanie Rooker and yoga teacher Sarah Capua transform it into a place of movement, meditation, and sound healing in their Sound Body Yoga class.

If acupuncture relaxes your body, the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project offers regular sound baths based on the lunar calendar.

Is sound therapy insured?

Liability of up to 5 million pounds is included to cover you in case you accidentally injure a patient or other member of the public or damage someone else’s property while you’re carrying out your sound therapy. When you pay with PayPal, your insurance coverage starts from the day you make your first payment. Private health insurance companies are generally a bit more generous when it comes to insurance coverage, although there are still significant differences within the industry itself. Insurance for Soundhealers is a must, as it includes two types of insurance and can guarantee you a safe trip.

Note that if your direct debit request is denied or your PayPal payment is canceled, you’ll be treated as if you didn’t join and were never covered by our insurance.

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