What Does ADHD Mean?

What Does ADHD Mean?

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a disorder that affects people’s behavior. Those affected may experience restlessness, difficulty focusing, and act on impulse.

ADHD symptoms typically manifest early in childhood and persist throughout adolescence and adulthood. They can be mistaken for emotional or disciplinary issues or completely missed in children who only show symptoms of inattention, leading to delays in diagnosis.

Genetics and heredity play a significant role in who develops ADHD, but environmental elements such as exposure to toxins or drug use during pregnancy can also increase one’s chance of being born with ADHD.

Research continues to uncover the exact cause and origins of ADHD. Some scientists speculate that genes and brain structure may play a role, though exact mechanisms remain unknown.

Doctors can prescribe medications that increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain, which are essential chemicals in thinking and attention. The most popular type of medication used to treat ADHD is a stimulant drug.

Non-stimulants and other medications for ADHD may take more time to begin working than stimulants, but they can also improve focus, attention and impulsivity in some individuals with the disorder. Some doctors may prescribe these medicines in addition to or instead of stimulants.

Behavioral therapies can assist individuals with ADHD in learning to control their behaviors and develop social, emotional, and planning abilities. Furthermore, these treatments help those affected by ADHD as well as their families cope with feelings of frustration, blame, and anger.

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