What does sound healing mean?

This type of therapy uses both the visible light spectrum (the sun) and the invisible light spectrum such as ultraviolet or infrared light to heal. Color and light heal certain organs of the body by releasing blocked emotions. It is considered to be the highest vibration of all colors and timbres. Healers use it to neutralize neuroses and neurotic manifestations.

We know that color penetrates faster than sound and movement — and since everything in the invisible world is very fast — it is clear that color is the link to universal energy — more than sound and chi. That is why the architects of the universe have set up color healing systems to make it easier to receive messages.

How does color therapy heal?

Records show that color and light therapy were once practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India. Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is based on the idea that color and colored light can help treat physical or mental health. Eastern medicine is the source of many so-called alternative therapies for treating ailments in the human body in the western world. A 2004 review of studies on the use of color in healthcare revealed some interesting problems with color therapy concepts.

When it comes to using color to influence health, Western society hasn’t yet fully caught on, but color healing (and its connection to energy centers or other aspects of spirituality) is an important part of many Eastern medicine practices.

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