What happens at a gong bath?

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The benefits of being exposed to the sounds of gongs are numerous, but vary significantly. Scientific evidence suggests that certain forms of sound therapy cause damaged human DNA strands to repair themselves. On arrival, yoga mats were spread around the studio and there were two large gongs in front of the room. Gong meditations, a type of sound therapy, have been around as a healing method for thousands of years.

There are also Chinese brass gongs, Thai gongs, and Balinese-tuned gongs, which tend to only play a musical note.

What are the benefits of gong healing?

There is evidence that the production of gong was known as early as 4,000 BC, and ancient alchemy sources assume that the gong dates back to 16,000 BC. Using various types of this exercise, such as gong meditation, can help you effectively reduce your stress levels and thus boost your immunity (. The universal gong sound is based on the musical principle that all notes of the same amplitude continue to resonate and complement each other to produce cumulative offspring, so to speak. Gong baths are a type of inactive meditation in which you “bathe” in the healing vibrations of sound.

What does Gong actually do?

Because of its unique sound properties, a gong can be a very effective way to achieve a meditative state and restore your body’s balance. All call recordings from that point on are automatically imported into the Gong platform, where they are transcribed, analyzed, and stored. Gong technology is designed to use machine learning to identify topics to be discussed on the conference call, regardless of specific keywords. Once connected, “Gong searches each salesperson’s calendar and looks for upcoming sales calls, calls, or demos that can be recorded.

Sales professionals use Gong to maximize revenue per employee and speed up onboarding time for new salespeople.

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