What is 432 hz healing?


What is 432 Hz cure?

When listening to music tuned to 440 Hz, no change in RR and oxygen saturation was observed. Brain waves or neural oscillations range between around 1 Hz and 70 Hz and are in no way tuned to 8 Hz or other ranges of 432 Hz. Water molecules can vibrate in a wide band of extremely high frequencies near the infrared spectrum (90—110 tera Hz). Musicians aren’t required to use 440 Hz as base frequencies, and many orchestras around the world use different pitches depending on the music they’ll be playing.

In addition, there are music tracks on the Internet (YouTube) that have been transposed to 432 Hz from their original 440 Hz tuning.

What frequency heals pain?

The frequency of each sound has a different effect on the human body, and now a recent study has proven that music at specific frequencies can cure many types of illnesses and health problems. Listening to a specific type of music on a specific frequency acts as an anesthetic and healing component, helping to create awakening mode and heal body aches easily and quickly. In treating patients with back pain, mixed low- and high-frequency stimulation was more effective than low- or high-frequency stimulation alone. The tests before and after treatment included the short form of the health status survey and visual analog scales for pain, physical activity and sleep quality.

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