What is Bars Holistic Therapy?

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What is Bars Holistic Therapy?

Bars holistic therapy is a gentle yet powerful hands-on energetic healing technique that helps to release negative energy in both body and mind, creating feelings of deep relaxation. It works on the theory that our minds are energy fields made up of electromagnetic frequencies which can become blocked due to stress, trauma or unexpressed emotions.

Access Bars Holistic Therapy is an efficient and successful method for clearing away negative energy and ushering in positive changes in your life. It has become the go-to energy healing solution for over 10,000 facilitators around the world, including many practitioners specializing in this work.

Bars Holistic Therapy can offer numerous advantages, such as stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved sleep patterns, dissipating mental chatter and decreasing behavioural patterns, increasing feelings of calmness and happiness, relieving trauma, increasing energy levels – not to mention greater presence and relaxation which may lead to greater creativity, health benefits and overall well-being.

Absolutely. Bars has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in the treatment of all sorts of health problems, from chronic fatigue to fibromyalgia, scoliosis and arthritis – some cases being completely resolved during one session!

It is essential to remember that while having a Bars session is free, the practitioner who provides it to you will set their own prices. On average, Bars sessions last anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on who provides it to you; however, some may take longer or shorter depending on who provides it.

A single session of Access Bars will clear away all limitations, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, judgments and considerations stored in your brain from any lifetime that are keeping you from seeing more possibilities for yourself. These blocks act like “viruses” inside of you that stop you from creating more choices consciously for yourself and instead restrict what options are available to choose from. With Access Bars it’s like unpacking a suitcase full of possibilities and opening up the mind to choose for yourself instead.

Though not necessary, lying down can make the session more comfortable for both you and your therapist. This will increase the benefits of Bars therapy and make the experience smoother for all involved.

Women who have used Access Bars regularly during their pregnancies report shorter and easier deliveries. Furthermore, they require less c-sections and experience fewer side effects overall.

In a Bars session, the practitioner will gently touch 32 points on your head that correspond to various areas such as communication, healing, sexuality and money management. These points contain all your negative thoughts and stress which have been stored in your subconscious mind.

Once these blocks are released, you will feel a great deal of relief and freedom in your life. You will be able to move forward with greater ease and have more choices – exactly what you desire!

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