What is Foundations Holistic Therapy?

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What is Foundations Holistic Therapy?

Foundations holistic therapy utilizes a range of mental health and wellness tools to treat the whole person. According to Lenaya Smith Crawford, a certified holistic psychotherapist in Houston who treats adults, “we strive to bring all layers and aspects of our clients into the therapy and mental health space.”

Holistic therapy is a mental health practice that emphasizes the body’s innate healing capacity. It also considers how trauma and other life experiences impact one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Research is increasingly supporting the use of holistic techniques to promote mental health, reduce stress, and reduce trauma responses. For instance, a 2019 randomized control trial found that people who participated in an integrative stress management program experienced less anxiety and depression than their counterparts.

Holistic therapies such as somatic psychotherapy and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy offer people ways to better regulate themselves emotionally, according to Sumpf. “These methods can be highly beneficial in improving self-regulation and managing emotions more effectively,” she adds.

The aim is to increase a person’s awareness of both their body and mind, so they can work through triggers and issues outside the session. The therapist then provides them with actionable tools that will aid in improving overall wellbeing.

Treatments for mental health conditions vary and cannot be tailored to all. Therefore, finding a therapist with the appropriate training and credentials to address your specific mental health condition is essential.

Sumpf and Crawford list some common holistic techniques as breathwork, movement practices, yoga, meditation, and tai chi as ways for individuals to relax and feel better. These can all help individuals relax and achieve greater well-being.

They can assist people in dealing with stressful circumstances, such as chronic pain or PTSD. Furthermore, they improve cognitive function and lift spirits.

In addition to working with a therapist, people can try holistic exercises at home. They may want to start with breathing exercises which may reduce anxiety and depression, or yoga for increased flexibility.

Holistic therapists are healthcare practitioners who combine mental and emotional health with alternative medicine techniques to treat clients. They may be licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, or experienced yoga teachers.

To get the most benefit from holistic therapy, seek a therapist who is licensed or supervised by an established professional organization and board-certified in this field. This type of therapy can help prevent future health issues and promote an active lifestyle.

Holistic therapists use a range of methods to treat mental and emotional problems in their clients, such as acupuncture, art therapy, massage, meditation, yoga, nutrition and other non-traditional therapies. They collaborate with the patient’s medical team in creating an individualized plan tailored for their condition.

Holistic therapists possess extensive expertise treating mental health conditions and can combine traditional talk therapy with alternative techniques for improved results. Additionally, they may specialize in certain areas like trauma or stress management, so they can address your specific symptoms and needs.

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