What is Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

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What is Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

Somatic experiencing therapy is an alternative psychotherapy that uses talk therapy and physical techniques to help people heal from traumatic experiences. This model of healing relies on the idea that trauma gets trapped within our bodies, leading to symptoms like anxiety, stress, anger, sleep problems, digestive troubles, etc., all of which may be symptoms associated with trauma.

Somatic Experiencing is a gentle technique that utilizes our body’s natural processes to relieve pain and stress caused by unresolved trauma. Additionally, it helps people develop healthier coping skills when faced with stressful situations, connecting them to their whole being rather than just their mind.

SIBAM (Sensation, Imagery, Behavior, Affect and Meaning) is the framework used for this type of treatment; it has been found to increase the efficacy of other forms of trauma/PTSD treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy.

The client is encouraged to evoke memories that cause them distress, which may trigger feelings of being “triggered.” This is an indication that their body is holding and expressing trauma in the same way it holds danger. Through therapeutic work with them, clients will come to recognize these sensations as normal and learn how to safely de-regulate themselves as they embark on the path toward healing.

During sessions, the therapist will lead the client through breathing exercises and meditations to help them process their traumatic experiences. They may also teach different techniques for releasing the energy associated with these emotions, such as self-induced shaking.

This type of therapy is an excellent option for individuals suffering from various mental health conditions and disorders. It has proven particularly helpful with those suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, couples facing challenges in their relationship may find success through this kind of therapy.

When searching for a therapist to provide somatic experiencing therapy, it’s essential to select one with extensive training in this method. You may also ask your doctor or other healthcare professional if they have any recommendations on qualified specialists in this area.

It is essential to remember that therapists trained in somatic experiencing therapy do not necessarily possess a clinical background in psychology. They could have training from other fields such as psychiatry, medicine or yoga.

Before selecting a therapist for treatment of an issue, make sure they possess the required license and experience. Furthermore, look for someone trained in bioenergetics – an approach to body psychotherapy which utilizes brain-body cues, kinesthetic senses, eye movements, and emotional reactions – as this type of body psychotherapy has many applications.

Your therapist can assist you in developing techniques to help relax and release traumatic emotions. These methods will enable you to cope with these feelings in a healthy manner and prevent them from returning.

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