What is Somatic Regulation Therapy?

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What is Somatic Regulation Therapy?

Somatic regulation therapy is a type of psychotherapy that utilizes bodywork to assist people in dealing with anxiety, trauma and other mental health issues. This form of therapy often works in tandem with talk therapy, helping the individual process their feelings and release any negative emotions affecting their life.

This type of therapy is founded on the idea that stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions are often caused by tension in the physical body. This could be due to past events experienced by someone or triggers from daily life situations.

One of the major advantages of this type of therapy is that it can improve a person’s mood. This means they will feel more at ease and sleep better at night.

Another advantage of this therapy is that it can also be utilized to treat addiction and other mental health disorders. This type of intervention can be especially helpful to individuals suffering from these illnesses since it helps them release tension in their bodies which might otherwise lead them to crave certain substances or behaviors.

Somatic therapy’s primary goal is to teach people how to regulate their responses and stay present in the moment instead of getting caught up in thoughts that run through their head. While this can be a challenging concept, it’s an essential element in living a healthy lifestyle.

Therapy using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a gentle form of treatment that can be provided by either an experienced therapist or someone self-trained in this method. EFT has been used effectively for treating various issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and stress.

At the start of somatic therapy, a client must focus on their body and pay attention to how tense or stressed out it feels. Doing this gives them insight into the physical consequences of thoughts and emotions, enabling them to break bad habits for good.

They will also learn how to relax and release any tension that is preventing them from enjoying life fully. This can be a powerful way for individuals to transform their lives for the better, allowing them to better handle any mental or emotional issues that may be affecting them.

Therapy often takes place face-to-face between a client and trained professional, using various techniques to help release any physical tension that might be keeping them from feeling comfortable in their own body.

People suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can find great benefit in this therapy. Not only does it help them to overcome the effects of their past experiences, but it also allows them to lead a more enjoyable lifestyle.

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