What is the most prescribed agent for insomnia?

This is the so-called hangover effect. Brands can make sleep aids that consist of just one ingredient or a mixture, which is why there is a wide variety of these sleep aids on the market. Private labels that contain the same active ingredients as branded sleep aids are also generally available. Melatonin in particular is often prescribed for jet lag, shift work disorders, and other problems caused by a misalignment of circadian rhythms.

People in these groups or people with co-existing medical conditions should carefully review their sleep aid options with a doctor to determine if there is a medication or supplement that is safe for them.

What is a good sleep aid for sleep disorders?

Prescription sleeping pills (and even some over-the-counter sleep aids) as well as certain antidepressants may not be safe if you’re pregnant, nursing, or an older adult. However, many people can fall asleep by using good sleep hygiene practices and trying out alternative techniques and behaviors. Luckily, melatonin is available in pill form at your local pharmacy as an over-the-counter supplement. This study also reflects a trend towards higher consumption of over-the-counter (OTC) sleeping pills and dietary supplements such as natural sleep aids.

It is triggered by the body’s response to reduced exposure to light, which of course should happen at night.

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