What is the root chakra sound?


Do sound baths align the chakras?

Sound healing for chakras is a therapy that balances the chakras by using specific frequencies that reverberate in the body. Being mindful in anticipation of your sound bath can help you relax and prepare for the sound healing process. It is known that these sound waves trigger the formation of theta brain waves, which are associated with deep relaxation and healing. Since I can’t practice Reiki on people around me, group sound bath sessions simply don’t work for me.

Lying in Savasana, a comfortable and restorative pose, sound bathing can make your body feel more relaxed. Please note, however, that most health practitioners believe that the healing effects of sound bathing are significantly increased when you are physically present with the tools that create the vibrations, rather than simply listening to a recording of a previous sound bath session that was done elsewhere.

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