What is the very best natural sleep aid?

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No, not alcohol, which can interfere with sleep. Strenuous exercise before bed isn’t always a good idea, but light yoga or meditation before bed has been linked to fewer sleep disorders and better sleep. Exposure to light helps the body tell when to sleep and when to wake up. Melatonin, light exposure, meditation and relaxation, and yoga appear to be helpful for some people.

Five tips for a better night’s sleep. If tea isn’t your favorite way to relax before bed, floral and herbal scents are a good way to aid sleep.

What can I take naturally to help me sleep better at night?

Often, it is the result of stress or a change in routine (such as a new work schedule or the birth of a baby), or medications that interfere with sleep, such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, allergy medications, and corticosteroids. When you add them all up, they’re about as bad, if not worse — as sleep deprivation of your garden variety. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t experience any side effects from taking sleeping pills, you probably won’t benefit from them for long. Taking glycine before bed may also help reduce the performance effects of inadequate sleep, which may be due to improved sleep quality or another mechanism.

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