What Is Transpersonal Somatic Therapy?

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What Is Transpersonal Somatic Therapy?

Transpersonal somatic therapy (TST) is a body-oriented psychotherapy that may be combined with traditional talk therapy. It has been found to be an effective treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions.

Research has also demonstrated the therapeutic effects of cannabis oil for physical pain and digestive ailments such as constipation, gas, and bloating.

To determine if somatic therapy is right for you, speak with a licensed and experienced mental health professional who has training in somatic therapy techniques and who you feel comfortable discussing your personal issues with.

Different types of somatic therapy may be appropriate for you, depending on your situation and specific problems. Here are a few popular ones:

Sensorimotor psychotherapy is an integrative somatic therapy that focuses on the physical experiences of someone’s mind and body. It utilizes touch, among other modalities, to teach clients how to work with their bodies more effectively.

TRM is a somatic therapy that empowers patients to cope with the negative effects of traumatic experiences in their past. It works by acknowledging that all traumatic events are stored within both body and nervous system; physical pain as well as feelings like anger or sadness may arise as a result.

In brainspotting sessions, the therapist will frequently check in with your bodily sensations and rate them from 1-10. This allows them to monitor how these feelings are affecting your mood and overall wellbeing.

This technique is frequently employed in somatic therapy to increase a client’s awareness of both physical and emotional sensations, helping them recognize when tension or distress exists. It can be challenging to focus on our bodies when suffering pain or emotional stress, so the therapist will gently guide you towards paying attention to how your body feels during this period.

Titration is a somatic therapy technique that instructs individuals how to pay attention to their emotions and physical sensations in order to reduce them. This process has proven highly successful at helping individuals release tension and distress from their body.

This technique is used when someone feels overwhelmed or stressed out and may be especially beneficial to those who have recently experienced trauma. The therapist will guide the client in recalling a time when they were feeling low mood and asking them to focus on how it felt to be in that state of mind.

This somatic therapy technique utilizes one’s internal resources to create a safe environment for mind and body to relax in. It can be particularly helpful for people who experience anxiety or fear, as well as for building physical self-esteem and faith in one’s abilities.

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