World Congress of Music Therapy 2020

World Congress of Music Therapy 2020

The World Federation of Music Therapy is a global professional organization that brings together music therapy organizations, training programs, certified therapists and individuals from around the world. It provides members with an opportunity to share their expertise on music therapy practice, collaborate with other professionals and take action towards improving our world through music therapy.

We are thrilled to announce that the World Congress of Music Therapy 2020 will be a virtual conference. This will enable music therapists from around the world to access an extensive program, including two daily spotlight sessions and a student seminar.

This year’s program will be dedicated to the theme Polyrhythms of Music Therapy, featuring an exciting range of programme offerings from around the world. Additionally, there will be a student seminar, several pre-congress seminars, and two full days of live interactive events featuring music therapists from every continent.

In addition to the program, we will host a series of affinity network meetings outside the main conference. These are designed to promote music therapy among international students and professionals living in the US.

Please be aware that these events are open to the public, regardless of whether you are a member of WFMT or not. However, in order to attend you must first register.

Music Therapists of Color and Diverse Ethnicities (MTCAD) is an affinity network within the World Federation of Music Therapy that supports music therapists who identify as belonging to a specific ethnic group or are of color. MTCAD strives to create a safe, supportive space for these professionals while offering resources and opportunities for collaboration.

At this meeting, we will unveil the new MTCAD logo and other important information. Furthermore, we’ll provide updates about the upcoming MTCAD conference in San Antonio, Texas in October.

The MTCAD website will have more detailed information about the event, such as how to register and purchase tickets. We urge you to utilize this resource extensively in order to help spread awareness of this exciting occasion.

Joanne Loewy, Kana Okazaki-Sakaue and Kris Stachyra will present this session on the role music therapy plays in supporting patients and their families while aiding in grieving at end of life. It will include an exploration of research and practice related to this area as well as provide ideas and suggestions for how music therapy can assist patients during this challenging time.

Making Musical Connections for Older Adults Diagnosed with Dementia, presented by Melita Belgrave; A presentation exploring how music therapy can benefit cognitive, psychosocial and physical wellness among seniors. It will offer strategies for incorporating it into care settings as well as examples of creative aging experiences in virtual spaces.

Presenter(s): Joy Schneck, MM, MT-BC; Karen Howat; Discover how to utilize the CBMT self-assessment exam for identifying strengths and weaknesses when preparing for the CBMT examination.

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