Xyliss Ultrasound Pain Therapy System

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Xyliss Ultrasound Pain Therapy System

Ultrasound is an electrophysical therapy treatment that can be used to relieve pain, increase range of motion and speed up healing for many common injuries. It’s safe and effective; physical therapists can administer it in a clinical setting or at home for personal use.

The xyliss ultrasound pain therapy system utilizes sound waves to penetrate deep tissue damage and promote healing in the treated area. It’s most often used for treating musculoskeletal issues such as tendinitis, bursitis, gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ultrasound machines for home use come in two primary varieties – professional and portable. Professional models offer more power, typically requiring a licensed physical therapist to operate them. Additionally, these systems come with multiple soundheads or applicators and can accommodate various sized transducers.

Thermal Ultrasound Machines are an ideal home remedy for those seeking to reduce muscle pain and inflammation, enhance joint mobility, reduce stiffness and accelerate recovery time from injury. These units penetrate deep tissue through a piezoelectric crystal sound head that converts electrical energy into strong vibrational soundwaves or “ultrasound,” which are sounds beyond human hearing range.

These sound waves cause vibrating of cells in soft tissue, increasing temperature and inducing vasodilation to reduce swelling and edema. Furthermore, heat helps improve cellular function and blood flow to speed up healing of your injured body part.

Mechanical Ultrasound Machines are popular home devices that can help break down kidney stones, stimulate bone growth and increase circulation. These machines generate over 2,000-5,000 Joules of energy per treatment.

When selecting an ultrasound system, you have two modes to choose from: continuous or pulsed wave modes. Pulsed wave mode is most often preferred when rehabbing an injury or treating deeper tissue injuries.

To get the most out of your ultrasound machine at home, it is best to follow instructions provided by your PT or healthcare professional. They can explain the advantages of therapeutic ultrasound and show you how to safely use it at your residence.

This portable device can be used in your clinic or at home for up to 4 hours per day. It can help alleviate injuries such as back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, strains, tendinitis and bursitis.

Nowadays, portable ultrasound machines have become more and more affordable to own. Some even come with mobile carts so you can easily move your unit around your clinic or take it on vacation or business trips.

Selecting the correct ultrasound unit is paramount when using it to help your patient heal more quickly and painlessly. There are plenty of options available on the market, but you should consult your physical therapist (PT) for guidance on which one is ideal for you. Some models are more powerful than others, but most can be used across a wide range of injuries.

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